Amateur Radio Station W8MHV


This is W8MHV's primary operating position.  On the left desk are the FT-1000mp Mark V Field, FTdx3000 and the Flex-6300 and below are the Elecraft K3/P3, and Ten Tec Orion stations. The Elecraft, Orion, FTdx3000, and Flex stations are each solar powered.  On the right desk are the Collins KWM-1, KWM-2, KWM380, Drake TR5, and TR7 stations. 



Here is my secondary operating position, this one for the IC-7800 shown here. Other items of equipment in the rack include a Yaesu FT-900, Elecraft K2, Ten Tec Argonaut 515, Alinco DX-70, and an assortment of homebrew gear. Finally, here is the main W8MHV antenna, a roof-mounted Mosely Mini-33b, with my 90 Watt station solar nearby.



The home-built equipment includes this designed and built-from-scratch sideband and CW station.  It runs either 1 Watt in QRP mode or 50 Watts in QRO mode.  The second photo offers a look at the inside of the driver portion of the transceiver.  The receiver module is on the left and the transmitter is on the right. Another project is this pocket 20 Watt linear amplifier, meant to be used with small low-power transceivers.



W8MHV is an active member of the Athens County Amateur Radio Association (ACARA), a group he currently serves as Vice President. Here are some photos of club activities. These are members attending our annual picnic including (in the left photo) W8MHV, N8XWO (hidden behind W8MHV), N8VZ, and KC8OVB. The handsome group of guys next are attending the Dayton Hamvention quite a few years ago. From the left are WD8RIF, AA8EB, W8PG, KB8ER, W8MHV, and Drew's son, Patrick KC2LNP. (Another son, Sean KD5LCH, is not present.)  And then there is W8MHV operating a crazy event called Freeze Your B**** Off which is an outdoor operating contest scheduled in the dead of winter.


For ACARA, Field Day is one of our most important events. For many years we set up our operation in a caboose on NC8V (SK) John Cornwell's ranch in rural Athens County. Our station was featured in the December, 2001 issue of QST, p. 106. Next is the field day operation in 2012 at the Athens Country Fairgrounds with ACARA President WD8RIF at the controls and KD8FRQ logging. N8XWO shows KD8PKV how to set up the satellite station's yagi. Finally, we see the HF antenna setup using the local 9-1-1 trailer mounted 50-foot crank-up tower.


ACARA also hosts an annual hamfest, one of the most popular small hamfests in Ohio. Here is a panorama shot of our outdoor flea market.



Here is an view of our indoor flea market tables. Our venue is the Athens Community Center, a nice facility. Thanks to Eric McFadden and John Biddle for photos on this page.


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